Confessions of a (sort of) travel blogger

I have a confession to make. I am no longer in South America! I’m in Indonesia, waiting in the train station to the airport headed for Jakarta. But you wouldn’t think that by looking at this blog, no siree. In blogland, I’m somewhere in Ecuador (apart from Twitter where I’ve managed to keep things updated through sharing my pics from Instagram). The truth is, I just didn’t give myself time to write when I was busy having a ball, trekkin’, hikin’  bikin’, boat trip takin’, salt flat shakin’, horse ridin’, steak eatin’, malbec drinkin’, plane jumpin’ my way through South America.

I did take some notes, and also have photographs of all (of course) but the blog just really wasn’t a priority for me.

I know it sounds ridiculous, seens as I am technically on a yearlong break from the working world therefore should really have about a million hours a day more than I used to to do what I want with. But that’s just it, I’m actually busy! Constantly out and about in new places trying to navigate my way around, meeting new people, planning the next stop of my trip, out in the middle of nowhere with no electricity or wifi, doing all sorts of physical activity and frankly after all that, I’m pooped. And it takes a lot longer than you’d think to throw a few words on a page and upload a few photos. But yeah yeah yeah WOE is me etc. Obviously it’s not something that keeps me up at night, but it has made me want to re-think the whole blog thing really, why am I doing this? Should I even bother at all? What is the POINT?!!

The answer, I think, is yes I should bother because, well it’s something I enjoy doing. Writing about my travels, my adventures and sharing that with the world (well maybe just Mam and my aunty Valerie – hi guys!). It has been great over the past six months to receive some lovely comments from other bloggers and people who stumbled across my blog when looking for information on how to get from A to B, or other travellers planning their big trip.

For those reasons alone, I’m going to keep it up. But I just needed to come clean first. Almost like an exorcism of my tardy-blogger demons. This house is cleeaar!

In that vein, I am going to promise myself to update at least twice a week. I’d give it specific days but I actually think that would be too restrictive given I could be doing who-knows-what but for argument’s sake, let’s say Sunday and Thursday. That’s doable right? Also, given my penchant for waffling on, I will try and restrict myself to a lower word count (this bit is gonna be hard) and about 4 or 5 photographs, because let’s face it, who has the concentration span for more than that.

Ooh and I will ‘revisit’ my South America trip in a series of flashbacks…I really feel like I’m in the future now that I’m in Asia several hours ahead of home. Cos they are in the future here, yeah? It’s all still there in my noggin so I’ll hopefully thrash it all out and then update the blog accordingly. But meanwhile try to keep up to date with where I am right now. Hrmmm okay let’s see how that one goes.

If anyone out there (yoooo helloooo!) has any tips or tricks they use to keep them on the straight and narrow blog-wise, I would be most obliged to hear them!


5 thoughts on “Confessions of a (sort of) travel blogger

  1. Brilliant Sarah, glad to hear your gonna be writing more! I love your blogs and one idea I had was to maybe each week talk about a different person you met, where they from, what they taught you (about their country, life etc) and defo more pics! One of me fave things about travelling is the people you meet!

    • Aw thanks Tasha! That’s a great idea! It totally is about who you meet. Just this morning I met a lovely Malaysian woman called Jenny who is the manager of the main hospital in Medan, Sumatra. She was so lovely, we had a great chat and she even offered me a place to stay in Kuala Lumpur and gave me her email. This kind of stuff happens all the time! I will start this week…challenge ACCEPTED! 🙂 x

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