Teotihuacán, ‘City of the Gods’

Me at the Pyramid of the Sun

Me at the Pyramid of the Sun

I took a trip to Teotihuacán, also known as ‘City of the Gods’, a huge archaeological site just an hour outside Mexico city. According to legend, it was here where the gods gathered to plan the creation of man.

I decided to do the trip myself, mainly after reading blogs that said you could pay four or five times the price for a tour and it’s super easy to do yourself. I got the metro to the Autobuses del Norte station and from there paid 40 pesos one way to the pyramids of Teotihuacán. I was warned to take a hat, wear LOTS of suncream and bring water – all very good advice! The site is in a vast open space with nowhere for shade. This (extremely white) Irish girl needed all the protection she could get. After spending the day in the Anthropological museum the day before, it was stunning to get to this real-life in the flesh site.

It’s about 57 pesos for entry and I paid another 50 pesos for a large map of the site including information on the all the pyramids and area surrounding. The first structure I met with trepidation, the ancient stone steps are narrow and steep were a harsh reminder that I’m not that great with heights! But I did it…steady as a mountain goat! Next was to the largest pyramid of three, the Pyramid of the Sun. I walked down the scorching Avenue of the Dead and started on my way up the pyramid, made actually easier (and safer) with the help of a wire running along the centre of the towering steps. At the top you can see around for miles and really take in the grandeur of the site, in it’s day the largest city of the pre-Colombian Americas with some 125,000 inhabitants. Wow. I sat at the top and took it all in. It was breathtaking.


I noticed a bit later that a guy was trying to take a photo of himself at the top with his camera timer so I offered to take it for him, I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon with him and his friend – Miguel and David from Venezuela – they were great fun, really nice guys, Miguel is an architect living in Caracas visiting for a few days and David a psychology student staying in Mexico with his father for a few months. We took the bus and then the metro from Indios Vertes back to Mexico City together. I had heard that the traders at the pyramids are very aggressive and ‘in your face’ but that wasn’t my experience whatsoever. A simple ‘no gracias’ sufficed for them to stop calling out at you to buy their goods. I think I arrived there on a Thursday at about 12 and stayed until 3.30pm and it really wasn’t that busy but I’ve heard that it can get very packed with tourists at certain times of the day and week.

Traders selling blankets at the Pyramid of the Sun

Traders selling blankets at the Pyramid of the Sun

Miguel & David in front of Pyramid of the Moon

Miguel & David in front of Pyramid of the Moon

Later that evening, I got back to the hostel and finally met Dee, a friend of a friend who I met via Facebook a while ago but feel like a know a lot better and longer than that 🙂 I spent the evening with her friends at dinner in a really nice restaurant called ‘La Capitale’ in Condesa and then for drinks in this spit on the floor (or should i say sawdust on the floor) bar where I got to sample spicy dried grasshopper and grubs with my michelada! Michelada is a very typical Mexican drink, it’s basically a beer poured into about a 1/4 glass of lime juice, sauces and spices (like a worcestershire sauce), with salt around the rim of the glass – yum! The other version, chelada, is just lime with salt around the rim of the glass so a lot easier on the palate!

Night out in Mexico CIty!

Night out in Mexico CIty!


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